Tape with thousand euros!

I strongly believe that memories are the only possessions we should collect during our lives. Yesterday Ville talked about blog writing and refered it a bit: ”are we happy with sharp drill bits in our rack or happy cos´ borrowed them to a friend”. So in Monkey Business we are sometimes taking it to  – Do The Never! Or how could you explain to friend or customer that we are using about same amount Euros monthly to tapes, pins, t-shirts, coffee, ext. than we get salary? Or sometimes even more…

And we try explain it to ourselves that it´s marketing, tribe marketing. And same time happily admitting that we get very exited about these ”side track purchaces”. It just feels good! And as you can see – last diktator of Finland, U.K.K – Urkki – Kekkonen, clearly shares the message. Year 2011 theme for Monkeys is U.K.K – stubborness and relentless. Thanks to Sanna for these ultimate kool coasters. And thanks to Asier and Funky Projects for giving us tape back in May 2007. It took allmost four years to implement it in MB…

You get what you measure – they say. So we have started to measure quality and free thinking time spent in hammock. Every 15 minuts gives you a credit. Hammock is electicity free zone, no lab tops etc. According Jussi T. Koski we should spent weekly two times two hours only focusing on thinking, slowing down. If you want to be creative. If you want to follow task list given by your boss – just keep on performing. So how do you explain this Hang Loose – measure to a logical engineer? Luckily I don´t have to. And results after 21st days in Hammock are that first podium place is shared between Johanna, Ville and Tatu. With only four credits/pp, only one hour in 21st days. How mutch is that? What is it? What are doeing? Are we thinking? Are we monkeys?

Human energy is the thing we need to increase. Sun really gives it at this time of year. And hammock. And all the little things I manage to live present. Those are the only things I can remember.

Activboy Tatu learning Zen Riding

ps. Want some tape? Come and get it.

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