Travel Agency for Superheroes Offering?

Ideas come up randomly. Yesterday, it was during dinner when it became clear to me, what is the offering of our Travel Agency for Superheroes. See the picture below.


It has three basic products:

  1. Highly personalized journeys for individuals, couples or small teams that are ready to embrace the flow and serendipity. Price: 1500€ a day + expenses + VAT
  2. Learning Journeys for bigger teams and groups. Like my friend Charles said yesterday over Skype:  for people who are convinced that they need to see and think differently. Better organized and planned, ups, I mean guessed 🙂 Price 3000€ a day + expenses + VAT
  3. Different camps e.g. Surfcamps & Divecamps Aimed at people who like to wear jeans at school or work. If it’s warm, these people use flipflops or sneakers. Price: 50-500€ per person + expenses for a week. Scholarships should be available soon.
  4. Update 15.2.2011 6:42pm! Also there is something called Zestcamps, organized by our friend Anu from Zestmark. I think that is really close to Superheroes Travel Agency actions, thus I want to bring it up. Zestmark’s focus is to help young people find their thing.

The idea is to go beyond travelling. Emphasize the inner journey. Learn together. Have good meals and dialogue. Meet new people. Have fun, play and laugh.

It would be great to know what you think after reading this, so please, drop a comment!

Ps. Thanks all of you with whom I have had chance to travel together. I have learnt a lot with you.

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