Games and Learning with Crazy Feedback

Greetings from Paris. I came here for the Intrapreneurship Circus, and most of all the final session of Team Mastery 3 process. And while in Central Europe I used the chance to meet up with Charles and also a new friend Daniel from Fing/Lift. I’ll give a talk at the Lift Conference coming summer in Marseille, which is super exciting. Good times! Paris is sunny and warm.

I wanted to share with you shortly about what’s been on my mind lately. Gaming and learning, that is. Games seem to be a hot thing right now, Finland is hot spot of games because of Angry Birds, Shadow Cities etc. I am a casual gamer myself. And we have been developing the Mental Models Game with Monkey Business. And yes, we are using Deal Machine to help our sales process.

But what really stroke me where these three blog articles. First I read about how Finnish cultural heritage is being saved with the help of games. Then I read Guardian’s article about SXSW titled The Internet is Over. And finally I found article by Ville Miettinen from Microtask titled Play the Game of Life. Here’s my favorite quote:

Like children, game designers take fun seriously. In his book The Theory of Fun For Game Design, gaming expert Raph Koster defines fun as: “the feedback the brain gives us when we are absorbing patterns for learning purposes.” -Ville Miettinen

All these inputs in few days get my mind running and fast. Some of the questions I am wondering are: What are games? What is learning? Why Mental Models game work and get people talk? How about Senge’s et co Learning Loops? What about delays? What about crazy feedback that games provide? And what did Einstein say about Madness? What all this got to do with Monkeys and scaling up our business?

I need to think more and I will get back to you later about more ideas. Please, meanwhile, share if you got experiences of games and learning or anything related.

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