Travel Agency for Superheroes Philosophy Vol. 1.0

Henna, Manu & Ville. Surprise meeting in Donosti.
While working on an offer for a learning journey I felt there would be a need for few principles that we like to work with. So, here’s a first version of the philosophy we for our Travel Agency for Superheroes. It’s a work in progress, like the road to success, I hear. So please drop by comments, ideas and questions.
  1. The one who is ready to slow down and stop will get most out of the journey.
  2. Learning is a journey. If we enjoy the journey we are not in a hurry.
  3. The in-between is what matters. Like Liher has said in the comments of the previous thesis for traveling: ”I feel that everytime I go to a new place I discover something new. But  something that you cannot find in a book, in internet, not even someone  can tell you. You have to experience it, and feel it.”
  4. What may seem un-effective is the most effective when it comes to learning.
  5. It’s good to have a goal but we also need an open mind for emerging things, which may end up being more meaningful than the original goal.
  6. What we don’t know matters more than what we know.
  7. Better life comes via better thoughts. Better thoughts via better questions. Better questions via humble, open minded travelling.
  8. Trust the process*. *Nonaka’s & Takeuchi’s knowledge creation process. We need action and dialogue in a proper balance.
  9. Superheroes always get where they want to get, and in the right time.
  10. Be ready for an adventure and expect the unexpected.
  11. Trust your intuition and the team you travel with.
  12. Listen and look around. Wonder. Smile.

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