Innovation Masters with Mondragon University

Following in Henna’s footsteps myself and Tatu will start next week in Mondragon University’s Innovation Master program called MiNN. It’s about Open Innovation and Intrapreneurship and Team Leadership. We are rather excited, as you can see in the video below.

It’s made of 11 modules in the following 12 / 18 months. I copy the modules below so you can see where we are as it would be lovely to meet you next year.

  1. January 16th to 21st [2012] – Team learning (Finland).

  2. February 23rd to 25th [2012] – Learning and Co-creation with the client (Madrid).

  3. March 26th to April 3rd [2012] – The art of Pitching and Design Thinking (California).

  4. May 3rd to 5th [2012] – Self management and leadership (Zaragoza).

  5. June 4th to 9th [2012] – Pitching, intrapreneurship proceses and learning tools (MTA + Mondragon Coop).

  6. July 5th to 7th [2012] – Open Innovation and Team Evaluation (Amsterdam).

  7. September 6th to 8th [2012] – Blue Ocean Strategy for Team-Intrapreneurship projects (Barcelona).

  8. November 11th to 18th [2012] – Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid and global challenges (China).

  9. November 18th to 24th [2012] – Sustainability as a trigger to innovation (India).

  10. December 13th to 15th [2012] – Wrap-up and future (Irun / Bilbao).

  11. January 17th to 19th [2013] – Check out (Finland).

  12. June (to be specified) [2013] – Scored goals (Berlin).

We are super excited because the original ideas for Monkey Business where born when me and Tatu participated together in a learning process called Team Mastery about five years ago. I think this coming year the Monkey Business will be taken to a whole new level.

I will write a short pre-post before every session and another one after in a more de-briefing mode. We want to leverage our insights and ideas to our friends in our network. So let’s be in touch!

Have a great new year everyone with enough things to do and many good adventures! Br, Ville

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