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Yesterday I was organizing an event called TEDxTurku with 6 amazing characters from a team called JOKOJO and 26 volunteers. (I was one of those volunteers.) Some of you might know TED events. ”Ideas worth spreading.” Short intro for those who don’t; TEDs are about inspiring speeches; the speakers apply, some get chosen. People apply to the audience, too, to see those speeches and only few get chosen to see the show at the venue. Still, the speeches are recorded and streamed live, so who ever wants, can enjoy those at the same time via Internet or later.

This was the first TEDx event in Turku, and the theme was ”MOVEMENT”, (”ILMIÖT” in Finnish)

I was quite inspired by Candy Changs speech, which was shown by video: It was about how to use public spaces to engage people to share their thoughts and ideas. In the video Candy tells about her project that has spread around the world. The idea is, that in public spaces there are chalkboard walls and chalk for people to use. They are asked a question: Before I die…?

We did this very same at our own venue and here are most of the answers that came up during the event. What do people wish to have achieved before they die? Let’s find out!


From visit to New Zealand to meeting the President Martti Ahtisaari.


From wanting to give a talk at TED to sailing around the world.


From visiting to California to owning a pony.


From finding peace to wanting to make a change.


From travelling around the world to learning how to surf.


From wanting to become a 2.0 entrepreneur to wanting to understand.

All the speakers at the event exceeded themselves. I was watching their auditioning a while back, and they really did incredible job with training hard and practicing. I’m not sure was this one of their things in their bucket list, but at least they really did their best.

This was my first blog post inspired by TEDxTurku, and with this I challenge you to think. What it is, that will be going through your mind before you die? Is it this: ” Yes, this was and incredible journey and I really did almost everything I ever hoped for!” or this: ”I wish I had more courage to do that. I really regret not taking all the chances!”

Petri Rajaniemi from talked about kind of a similar theme with Candy Chang, from a little different perspective: is there more to a human being and to an entrepreneur than meets the eye? Entrepreneur 2.0. Thank you for provoking our thoughts with your questions, Petri! I just might have to write another blog post about the thoughts your presentation gave me!


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