Smart design in a VR train

For a while, I have tried to develop an eye i.e. to look around and see good solutions to every day problems. I think that is the core of design, in it’s essence.

Last week I saw something that caught my eye. It was in a moving train toilet. In Finnish we actually have a phrase that something works like a train’s toilet. The reason for that is that back in the old days the train’s toilet used to be more or less only a whole in the floor and the urine etc went directly to the train road. That is why it always worked. But nowadays as the toilets have changed the old phrase is not unfortunately up to date anymore. Sorry for the longish side note here.

I probably had seen and used this lock handle bar before, but I got excited about it as it worked so well. I think locking a toilet had never been this easy. Many times the door either is not on it’s right place, or the lock handle is too small and hard to twist. But this one was pure joy to turn, and the sound of locking the door was powerful, too.

This picture also tells another important story, as it is a very good example of leverage. But that is worth of another story!

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