Ville in Japan May 2015

Visit to Japan

I will travel to Japan in May 2015. I was there back in 1998 for a family trip, and now it is time again to re-fresh those memories and create a bunch of new ones. The idea is to learn more about the Japanese culture, and also about myself via exploring the new culture. I need your help. It would be great to meet new interesting people, and go see interesting places worth a visit. We could call this an improvised learning journey, even if we are planning it. I trust on serendipity, that the right people and places will come on my way. We are co-creating this journey with Yurie Makihara, she has helped me a lot to organise this journey, and supported me all the way; thanks a lot already Yurie!


About Ville Keranen

I am 30 years old (young) gentleman from Finland. Or actually: Who am I? How do I identify myself? What is an identity? Well, I hold hats of many kinds. I am an cooperative entrepreneur, Tiimiakatemia Alumni and Coach, learning to be a Barista, Amateur Dj, Business Development Coach/Facilitator, Dialogue host, Art of Hosting practitioner, hopefully a documentarist soon. My passion and current ten year project is creativity. I am into meeting new people, and learning about new things.


Here are couple of videos, first one is where I share few ideas about creativity, future, organisations and learning:

And many of you might be interested in Tiimiakatemia, where I currently work as a part time team coach running a course on creativity and innovation in practice called courageous makers. Also, one of my biggest projects of the past year has been running a Tiimiakatemia Global team coach training program in Tansania under Tanzict -project. Here is a video what explains nicely what Tiimiakatemia is about:

Introduction to Tiimiakatemia on Slideshare


With the help of Yurie, we have agreed upon couple of public workshops while I am in Japan. First one will be in English and is on the evening (18:40-21:20) of Friday 15th of May in Tokyo. More info in Japanese and registrations via this link:

The second one is in Japanese (with translations) on Sunday the 17th of May in Tokyo at 10:00-16:00 hrs. More info in Japanese and registrations via this link:

Are you interested in an interactive and practical strategy workshop? I will be happy to tell you more!

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