Mental Models Game Super Early Bird Available Now

I am happy to renounce that the Mental Models Game is now available for order. I have just called the printing house, and they have started printing the cards. This is exciting! I dare to start selling it now, as they will be out next week and I can start shipping them in mid-November already.

I have set up some special discounts for the early birds. First 10 pieces will go for 39€ only!

The next 20 will go for 49€ only!

And the rest 50 of the first patch will sell out for 59€ only!

Shipping costs of 5€ (Finland) or 10€ (Rest of the World) will be added to your order. If you are interested in facilitation or consulting regarding the mental models game, that is also available for purchase via our beta version web store.

For more information about the game, please comment below, or get in touch via email or phone +358 40 731 2084. Have a great day!


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