Merry Christmas Everybody

Finnish Philosopher Pekka Himanen says something like this: ”It’s not the absolute number of people that counts. It’s the amount of enriching interaction among people that make the difference.” For example in Florence in the time of Renaissance there was roughly 60 000 people. Today in Jyväskylä we’ve got 85 000. In Kajaani population is 38 000 and the Kainuu region 85 000. Leipzig has 510 000 people, Bilbao 350 000, San Sebastian (Donostia) 180 000 and Strasbourg 270 000. What’s the potential we’ve got?

And Margaret Mead continues: ”Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

This year Monkey Business has risen from two guys initiative into a 8 person nucleus + a network beyond. I wonder what next year is going to bring to us. I am very curious to see.

This December has been a busy one for us and we didn’t even have an idea of a video greeting until today. So this year we have to rely on AKQA’s Christmas video. I promise next year we’ll come up with something even more creative. Maybe?

Don’t eat the yellow snow! Greetings from whole Monkey Business network! Written by Ville Monkey

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