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More action! That is the core of Monkey Business. What is it that challenges us to do and act more? It can be more money for one, for other it is more challenges – some of us could motivate them through competing with others. On 21st of December, on a very cold and wintery Monday  morning Monkey Business sat down started to think about goals and budget for the year 2012, which I have named as following;

“2012 – The Year of Intrapreneurship”

What is the attitude towards entrepreneurship nowadays? What about trying new things, acting before thinking and planning for ages? Experimenting and then maybe even failing? Finnish society hasn’t been so kind and positive towards these. This is something that I feel that has slowly started to change. (Correct me if you think I am wrong?)  I heard something recently, and it puzzled me;

– In Finland every 42nd person is considering about becoming an entrepreneur

– In rest of the Europe the average is that every 7th person has at least considered becoming an entrepreneur.

I am not saying that the only route to happiness is to become an entrepreneur – but surely it is an option. I also want to generate discussions around the topic ‘intrepreneurship’. That is what Monkey Business wants to create within organizations. People, who are willing to speak from their hearts, take responsibility and act. Atmosphere, that doesn’t judge failing and mistakes – it’s a pity, that people are afraid to admit their mistakes in organizations. Sharing those would make others to learn from those too! There should be an award in every working space and place named “The Golden Screw Up” – not for encouraging people to fail but for not being afraid making mistakes, either.

I am slowly starting to relax and calm myself towards Christmas – I want to end this year 2011 with the Hit Mr. – theory*, which will be the guideline for us in Monkey Business in the year 2012; (The letters for this theory come from the Finnish words Haasta, Prosessi, Tee, Mallinna, Rohkaise)

  • Challenge the process / Haasta prosessi
  • Inspiring and shared vision / Inspiroiva (ja jaettu) visio
  • Enable others to act / Tee toiminta mahdolliseksi
  • Model the way / Mallinna tie
  • Encourage the heart / Rohkaise sydäntä

For me the year 2012 will be guided by these five sentences – especially the 3rd and the 5th; Enable others to act and Encourage the heart.

I wish a Merry Christmas for you all who are reading the Monkey Business Blog – I hope to meet many of you during the year 2012 face to face. For the fellow Monkeys I just want to say this Let’s keep it yellow!


*Hit Mr. Philosophy’s  main headings have been adapted from Kouzes’ and Posner’s  bestseller book The Leadership Challenge



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