Learning Contract Instructions

Reflection is key to learning and change. Learning Contract is a tool for learning. Strategic Learning. It includes five questions:

  • Where have I been? (history)
  • Where am I now? (Current reality)
  • Where am I going? (Vision)
  • How do I get there? (Baby steps & other actions)
  • How do I know I am there? (Measurements, milestones)

If you take a moment to reflect and answer these questions, it’s an excellent start. You have done a lot already. Then, think of a person or people whom you trust, and ask for a little time to share these answers with her. You can even organise time where your team can share their learning contracts to one another. The sharing of your learning contract is a good idea, because then other people can help you to clarify the ideas, and also to help you on the way towards your vision.

After sharing it is time for action. At times you can take a little more time to re-read your learning contract, e.g. once every two months. A major update to the contract could be done every 6 or 12 months. The real power becomes visible when you do the major update. Then you can hopefully move things from the vision section to either current realty or even history part. That feels good.

Find a simple A4 template for a learning contract here.

Find a Kuvitellen Tiina’s illustration of the learning contract here.

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